My name is Emma and I’m so pleased to have you here!

I have a background in Biology and Intensive Care Nursing and despite a love for these fields, I knew working for someone else wasn’t for me. I was tired of fighting to be heard, learning outwith my job role for no extra benefit and not being able to truly connect with people I cared for due to organisational constricts.

Something had to give. In fact, it all had to give…

I started my first business following a severe mental health breakdown. I wanted to provide a service and community where people could openly and safely share their experiences with others, redefine the way the world sees mental health and create happiness in its place; but something was still missing…

I hadn’t specifically targeted the person I used to be. The one who was missed. The overachiever, workaholic, perfect on paper persona whose life had left their heart a long time ago.

So here lies my second business! Tailored to the stitch for you. There’s no need to reach breaking point to align to your very core. To live the life you dream of with ease and clarity. We feel stuck when we are disconnected, lonely when we are lost and overwhelmed when we know we need to make change but don’t know HOW.

I’m here to show you HOW. To make the transition easy, support you in any way I can, nurture your journey and celebrate every step along the way.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet you!

All my love,