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Embrace the Journey,
for you are the

"Its so strange to think that you don’t know me. For I already know you.

For weeks, months and years now, I’ve felt your every move. Every breath. Every sigh. I know your highest highs. And your lowest lows. I know the dreams you’ve let float on past, too absorbed in the ‘should and cant’. I feel your regrets like my own. And I hear your inner voice, the voice that never stops.

And yet you don’t recognise me. The fog that surrounds you prevents our eyes from meeting. The noise that overwhelms you drowns out my voice.


But one day we will meet. Its inevitable. For your heartbeat is my heartbeat. I am you. I am the version of you that you are searching for. I am the you that is free from judgement. Free from expectation, and hesitation. Free from limitation. Free from fear. 


And I can get us the world, are you ready?"

Empowered from Within - By Elle, Founder of Eclarity

The Journey of Motherhood

Something mystical happens when you begin to identify as a mother. There is no technical definition; it can really only be described as an evolutionary leap. One moment you were secure in your knowledge of the world, your values, your sense of self, and in the next there is an undeniable shift. A shift that marks a new beginning, but not in the obvious way. You are meeting yourself again for the first time, and so begins the unveiling of the truest you.


- The women on the journey of self discovery through (and beyond) motherhood

- Those who know there is more to themselves than they currently know

- Those who don't want to just survive through #mumlife

- Those who want to feel present, balanced, and live a life they choose

- Those who want to leave stress, anxiety, trauma, overwhelm and fear behind

- Those who want to discover their unique superpower (hint: its not just adding 'mum'  to your resume)

Eclarity is here for:


About Me

Hi, I'm Elle. I'm 31 years old, I live in North Queensland (Australia), I am a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy, and in October 2021,

I became a mother. 

I've always known that being a mother was a part of my future. What I didn't know, was how difficult the path to securing that future would be, and how I would feel when I achieved it.


I'd read about how a baby learns to know its mother before it is even born. How they come to know your voice, your scent, your heartbeat. And then when they're born, its as if they've always known you. 

The moment my son was born, it was clear that he already knew me. What was also abundantly clear, was that any understanding of who I was prior to that moment, had completely vanished. 

Like many others, I'd had pre-baby notions that becoming a mother wouldn't change me in any way. But in that first, beautiful, terrifying, awakening moment, I knew everything had changed. 

And so Eclarity was born. My intention is to transform and change the narrative on #mumlife from overwhelm, chaos, exhaustion, mess and stress, to growth, empowerment, enlightenment and transformation.

If you a woman embarking the journey of starting a family, a soon-to-be mumma, already a mum with kids young or older, I have the tools and techniques to help you unveil the rawest, true version of you, completely free from self-imposed limiting beliefs, free from the 'shoulds' and 'cants', free from fear. 

Imagine realising that you are, and always have been, everything you've ever needed. And you can achieve everything your heart desires...


Photo Credit: Skye Bloom


"Well what an amazing experience! I was unsure what to expect but i would have to say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. The old baggage has gone and replaced with a new sense of calm and confidence. I would never have imagined I could be so relaxed - I am even sleeping without having the TV going in the background - first time in years! Life changing. Can’t wait for more sessions to see what else is in store."

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