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Pre-Conception - Fertility - Pregnancy - Hypnobirthing


Embrace the power of a calm and confident
natural birth


Our support doesn't end at pregnancy - We are here to support you every step of the way, including guiding you with nurturing care and empowering techniques to embrace the miracle of birth through Hypnobirthing.

The Eclarity approach to Hypnobirthing

Embracing the Power of Your Mind


Hypnobirthing harnesses the innate power of your mind to cultivate a state of deep relaxation and harmony during labor. Through gentle visualizations and affirmations, you'll build confidence and trust in your body's ability to birth naturally and beautifully.

Connecting with Your Body


We'll guide you to embrace the wisdom of your body and tap into the instinctive birthing process. With Hypnobirthing, you'll feel more attuned to your body's signals, easing any discomfort, and allowing your birth to unfold with grace.

Releasing Fear and Anxiety 

Our Hypnobirthing techniques will help you release any fears or anxieties surrounding childbirth. Feel a profound sense of calmness as you approach the birthing experience with a positive and open heart.

Why Hypnobirthing Matters

Empowerment in Childbirth

Hypnobirthing empowers you to take an active role in your birthing experience, making informed decisions that align with your values and desires.

Reduced Intervention

Studies show that Hypnobirthing can lead to a reduction in medical interventions during childbirth, allowing for a more natural and gentle birth.

 Enhancing Bonding

A serene and stress-free birth paves the way for a deeper connection with your baby from the very first moment.

Your Hypnobirthing Journey with Us


Personalised Coaching


Our experienced and heart-led practitioners will tailor the Hypnobirthing techniques to meet your individual needs and aspirations.


Comprehensive Preparation


We'll equip you with a toolkit of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices to use during labor and beyond.

Ongoing Support

From the moment you join our Hypnobirthing program, you become part of a nurturing community, supporting you throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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