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Finding YOU 

in the midst of


Hi Beautiful - Welcome.


Do you feel it? In an era of hyper-connection and overwhelming information - we as women have never felt more disconnected and distant from ourselves.


Contrary to what we are told - mothers aren't born the moment their baby arrives - it is a process, an expansion of our capacity, our heart, and our minds over time.


With each step of the transition into motherhood, we face crossroads - down one path is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, fully embracing who we are perhaps for the first time.


The other path however is where we end up 98% of the time - guided by what we feel is expected of us, trying to do and be it all, we lose our sense of self.


The transformation of becoming a mother begins in the very moment you decide you are ready to have a baby.


In that moment your priorities change, and you see the world through a different lens. You see yourself through different eyes and hold new expectations of your capabilities.

Time races by, but this stage of life is all consuming - so much so that you begin to barely recognise 'you' amongst it all.

What are your priorities now? What is this divide you now feel within yourself - the conflict and pull between who you were and who you are becoming.


Do you feel left out of life? Or as though life has been dimmed while you're in this season, while your full focus is on welcoming a baby into your life, and then settling into motherhood?


Do you feel the collective craving for self-awareness - something to guide us to that elusive feeling of 'wholeness' once again.

Can you hear your heart seeking 'alignment' and 'fulfilment'? Searching for your voice amongst it all.


Who was I? Who am I now? Who am I becoming?

Even though our paths are as unique as they are similar, we each endure our journey in isolation and silence. Never knowing the comfort and compassion that is waiting in shared experience.


Until now.

Wherever you are in your journey - it is no mistake that you landed here today.

Are you:

  • Embarking on your journey to motherhood; trying to conceive naturally or with medical assistance to overcome infertility?

  • Currently pregnant and preparing to welcome your baby into the world?

  • Already a mother - whether early into motherhood or settled in?

    There is a path in The Journey tailored especially for you.

A "gym" membership for your mindset.

The Journey is a collective subscription membership designed around

weekly themes for

guided self-discovery, inner healing,

 personal growth and development.

Who was I? Who am I now? Who am I becoming?

*$2 from every membership fee every month is donated to the Australian Fertility & Research Centre.

The Journey will:

Change the way you feel about yourself  - as a mother AND as a woman

Bring kindness, self-compassion and empathy to the forefront in terms of how you treat yourself

Help you to understand that the changes you are going through are so REAL and profound - you aren't imagining it and you aren't alone

Guide you to discover YOU again.  Find your sense of self & discover all of the amazing parts of your identity

Show you how to navigate the competing priorities in life now that you have others to consider

Allow you to discover just how empowered and aligned you can be

Lead you to find the strength and power that exists within

Membership Features

Weekly themed content drops with self-paced journal reflection activities

Masterclasses & Workshops

Guest Presenters

Monthly Live Q&A

Likeminded community

Downloadable Resources

Book Recommendations Library

Guided meditations

Personalised email support

Discounts and special offers for 1:1 coaching and group programs.

How does it work?

Every member begins in Week 1 of The Journey ("Healing your inner mean girl"). Every Tuesday, new weekly content drops into your inbox. The journal prompts and reflection sets are completely self-paced and yours to work through privately.

All members are invited to a Monthly Q&A Session which is the perfect opportunity to ask anything that can help you to deep dive on a particular aspect of your journey - no matter which week you are currently working through.

There is an optional accountability and gratitude feature of the membership for those who really want to fully embrace their Journey.

There are new resources and material being released every week, included guided meditations, visualisations, workbooks and other resources.

Members are also invited to attend masterclasses and workshops, as well as sessions with guest presenters on different topics. 

Support is available to all members - either through the @Eclarity_ instagram page, FB Messenger, or via email.