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Where compassion meets expertise,

and support is redefined for every fertility journey.

Navigating the challenges of fertility with personalised precision coaching

that unites science, wisdom, and comprehensive care on the path to parenthood.

"Every infertility success story started with the decision to try again"

Experience the Eclarity difference
where compassion leads the way...

The journey to parenthood a profound and deeply personal experience, where each heartbeat and whispered dream holds immense significance.

It's a delicate balance of biology, emotion, and hope—a path that touches the very core of our being, yet for many is often shadowed by heartache and uncertainty. 


Imagine having access to a guiding light - a comprehensive source of unwavering support and expertise to lead you through the twists and turns of infertility (and pregnancy beyond) with clarity and resilience. 


This is the path to the

family you're longing for...



The essential hybrid support
model vital for transforming
uncertainty into confidence,
struggle into resilience,
and turning despair into the pathway to a healthy pregnancy.

Access personalised precision guidance, compassionate mental and emotional support, trauma and grief counseling, and holistic coaching solutions seamlessly integrated with traditional medicine for comprehensive care and meaningful results.



Embrace the journey of pregnancy with confidence and peace of mind, by accessing support that prioritises the mother-to-be, and her personal evolution into motherhood.

Eclarity Fertility Coaching provides the answer to what is currently missing in traditional pre-natal and pregnancy care - support that prioritises mental and emotional wellbeing, shares in the celebration of milestones, and acknowledges the sacred but also unfamiliar experience of pregnancy.



From June 2024, Eclarity Fertility Coaching will offer a holistic approach to preparing for childbirth, by offering birth preparation and hypnobirthing education suitable for any intended birth plan.

Please register your interest below to be kept up to date about this offering:



 Eclarity Fertility Coaching provides compassionate guidance and practical support to help you embrace this new chapter with grace and resilience.

With the personalised coaching/therapy hybrid approach on offer, you will feel supported, understood, and ready to embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood with confidence.

Is it time to access an effective approach to fertility that authentically mirrors your wholehearted commitment to having

a baby, while also supporting your mind, heart and soul?

You're in the right place if you:

✅Have actively been trying to conceive for 6+ months.

✅Are feeling frustrated and confused about why falling pregnant isn't easy for you.

✅Are seeking personalised guidance and support on your fertility journey.

✅Are actively trialing various ways of increasing your chances of conception.

✅Are ready to embrace an approach that blends traditional medicine (ovulation

      induction, IUI and IVF) with complementary enhancing therapies and guidance.

✅Are fearful that your dream of motherhood may never come true.

✅Are ready to break free from the constant rollercoaster of overwhelm and uncertainty.

This might not be the right support for you if:

❎You're seeking solely medical interventions and a one-size-fits-all approach.

❎Are not open to seeking guidance from a fertility coach, counselor, or therapist.

❎Are not looking to explore modalities such as coaching, NLP, or hypnotherapy.

❎Disregard the critical role of mental and emotional health and mindset in fertility.

❎Are not interested in recommendations or accessing an expert referral network around

       nutrition, supplementation or lifestyle changes.

❎Do not resonate with the values of compassion, resilience or courage in navigating


There is an entire industry in place to address the physical elements of fertility, pregnancy and motherhood...

but what about beyond the biology?

Three Pillars of Support
for Every Fertility Journey:


Psychological & Emotional Wellness


✔️Specialised fertility counseling for personalised emotional support.

✔️Coping strategies for managing mental health, stress, uncertainty, and anxiety.

✔️Compassionate care and grief support for miscarriage incl. recurrent pregnancy loss.

✔️Guidance to gain clarity and understanding of fertility challenges.

✔️Tools for building emotional wellbeing and mental resilience.

✔️Learn cognitive-behavioural strategies for mindset shifts.

✔️Gain empowerment and confidence to make informed decisions.

✔️Tailored fertility mindfulness and meditation techniques.

And for those ready to unlock the full range of coaching methods (optional):

➕Generating inner trust and balance with holistic fertility coaching & intuitive guidance.

➕Fertility mindset mastery based on conscious conception and NLP principles.

➕Unlocking the power of the subconscious mind with fertility-focused hypnotherapy.

➕Releasing suppressed fears, limiting beliefs, and mental blocks around fertility.

➕Guided meditation and visualisation to align your mind with your fertility goals.

➕Inner child work and healing journeys to heal past wounds, trauma, and grief.

➕Accessing ancestral wisdom and past-life regression for uncovering fertility blockages.

On the path to parenthood, 'Psychological and Emotional Wellness' are the cornerstone of resilience and strength, and the key to navigating the unpredictable rollercoaster of infertility. At Eclarity Fertility Coaching, this pillar underpins all support in a gentle and nurturing manner, empowering you to navigate any complexities or challenges with clarity, courage and compassion. 

Physical Balance & Harmony

✔️Personalised lifestyle recommendations for optimising physical health and fertility.

✔️Resources for managing reproductive conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis.

✔️Guidance on environment factors and toxins that may be impacting embryo health.

✔️Basic education on fertility awareness methods and menstrual cycle insights.

✔️Support for optimising sexual health and intimacy for conception.

✔️Dedicated support in conjunction with your fertility specialist for assisted reproduction.

✔️Introduction to proven mind-body fertility enhancements such as meditation.

✔️Access to alternative therapies via trusted referral-networks incl. acupuncture, herbal 

       medicine, reiki, integrated medicine, and naturopathy.

And for those ready to unlock the full range of coaching methods (optional):

➕Holistic pain-release therapy, including trapped trauma and negative emotions.

➕Harmonising the masculine and feminine energies within for energetic alignment.

➕Healing the intrinsic connection between your physical body and intuitive-self.

➕Exploring the influence of epigenetics and fostering generational wellness.

➕Deepening the connection to your body's innate wisdom through somatic practices.

The Eclarity Fertility Coaching pillar of 'Physical Balance and Harmony" is centered around optimising your body's natural equilibrium to support fertility and over-all wellbeing. Through personalised approaches and holistic practices, the priority is to cultivate a harmonious foundation for your fertility journey, promoting vitality, resilience, and inner strength.

Heart-Centered Healing

✔️Emotional support, validation and understanding of the constant rollercoaster.

✔️Gentle recovery methods for grief and loss.

✔️Overcoming the learned default of rejecting self-compassion and self-care practices.

✔️Fostering authentic and nurturing relationships with loved ones and support networks.

✔️Embracing forgiveness and acceptance to heal heartache and open to possibilities.

✔️Cultivating deep maternal connection and self-awareness.

✔️Introspective practices and reflection to preserve and empower your identity.

✔️Education about the Matrescence transformation from 'maiden to mother'.

✔️Exploring the impact of inner conflict and the navigation of competing devotions.

And for those ready to unlock the full range of coaching methods (optional):

➕Embracing forgiveness, acceptance and compassion towards oneself and others.

➕Exploring the depths of self-discovery to uncover your true essence and purpose.

➕Cultivating a deeper connection with your intuition and inner maternal strengths.

➕Honoring the intrinsic feminine strength in fertility and life creation.

➕Nurturing creativity and self-expression as a form of soul healing and empowerment.

➕Accessing ancestral wisdom, spirit guides, healers, and past relatives for guidance.

At the core of our approach to fertility support lies the belief that healing begins from within. Our 'Heart-Centered Healing' pillar is dedicated to nurturing the deepest, vulnerable, hidden parts of yourself where healing and transformation originates. Through compassionate support practices guided by wisdom and deep insight, this pillar will guide you to foster self-compassion, meaningful connections with others, and embrace the sacred transition into motherhood.

Copy of Eclarity Genius Model (2).png

"Research has shown that mind-body based techniques remarkably improve conception rates by 30%"

What Current Clients are Saying:

At a very raw, emotional, unsettling time in my life, feeling like it had been ripped apart being faced with infertility possibilities at age 32, Elle was a breath of fresh air, uplifting me from the depths of despair and reminding me all was not lost, literally just by listening and making suggestions.

Faye, Australia

Working with Elle has been a transformative experience. After a challenging journey with infertility, I found myself fearful of the idea of getting pregnant again. But with Elle's guidance and compassion, I've not only overcome that fear but also regained confidence in myself and my body's ability to conceive. I am grateful beyond words for Elle's guidance, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking empowerment and reassurance on their fertility journey.

Elle you have given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I don't know how else to say it. All I've ever wanted was to be a mum, and you've given me that.

But it's more than that too. I feel like you've given me access to myself once again. I was so lost and felt so alone, but now I feel so 'together and whole' somehow.

Eternally, eternally grateful to you.

Sarah, Australia

Elle, I don't know how else to say this, but you saved us. Our relationship, our dreams, our future. We are the happiest we have ever been, we're 12 weeks pregnant and everything is tracking well. This is a dream come true, and it's all down to you. Thank you, thank you!

Bre, Australia

Olivia, New Zealand

Julie, Europe

I found Elle when I hit rock bottom. I thought I'd tried everything, but what she's helped me see was that the time had come for me to reframe my story, rethink my infertility. At one point in my journey I felt the need to identify with that label, then I felt the need to move away from it in order to reconsider what was possible for me. Through many honest conversation (via zoom calls, written messages, and voice notes), Elle has given me the support I needed at that moment. She is compassionate, dedicated, and truly committed to her clients. I can't recommend her more.

WE ARE HAVING TWINS!!! Can you believe it! Wow, Elle you've really changed our lives in so many ways. I can't even start to express just how over the moon we are that we found you when we did. This is really happening! I've been telling every person I meet all about you, you are a gift, a healer, a pure energy who cares so incredibly much about her clients. You have been so deeply invested in our messy, complicated, confusing situation, but you've handled it with such ease. Nothing has been too much trouble. Never stop doing what you do, people need it!

Taylah, Australia

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Unsure of which option would best suit your unique journey? Feel free to book a free 30 minute call directly with your future coach to discuss your personal circumstances and to determine if the Eclarity approach is right for you:

Please note: Booking availability is limited to ensure each client has the dedicated personalised coaching and support they deserve, no matter which stage of the journey to parenthood.

Bookings are not currently being accepted for 'Preparing for Birth and Hypnobirthing'. Please register your interest via the form below to be the first to know when bookings open.

Register your interest for
'Preparing for Birth & Hypnobirthing'

(Bookings open June 2024)
Delivery Preference for Birth Preparation and Education

Your registration has been recieved. Elle will be in touch directly with more information.

Preparing for Birth Registration

Meet your Coach - Elle

Specialist fertility coach, guide, and therapist, an empowered infertility warrior, and proud mother of a miracle. 


Sadly, I know better than most what the behind-the-scenes reality of a complex fertility path looks and feels like. For many years, the cycle of guarded-hope followed by crushing disappointment, defined my whole world.

Through our personal struggle to start a family, I witnessed the limitations and shortfalls of fertility services that focused only the biological elements of conception. Mental health support and counseling for grief and trauma were lacking, while accessing further information about the hurdles we were facing meant navigating multiple different specialists and medical fields, long wait times, and steep fees.

In many ways, infertility still defines my world to this day - but now in a way that I am able to deliver deeply invested and dedicated compassionate care, effective strategies, and unwavering support to couples struggling to have a baby.

Eclarity Fertility Coaching embodies a vision beyond conventional treatments being the only option. My aim is to transform the very landscape of personal infertility care, and redefine the path to parenthood for couples hoping to start a family. Through specialised expertise, compassionate counseling and integrated therapies, I am dedicated to creating a new standard of support and hope.

My qualifications include:

🎓Bachelor of Psychology

🎓Certified Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

🎓Certified Master of Time Line Therapy (R) 

🎓Certified Practitioner of Advanced Hypnotherapy

🎓Certified Hypnotherapy Pain Specialist

🎓Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist

🎓Certified Childbirth Educator

🎓Certified Hypnobirthing Specialist

From great pain comes great passion...

Where to Find
Eclarity Fertility Coaching:

Located within 'Hello Health'

Health Clinic

Suite 2, 1-3 Barlow Street,

South Townsville QLD 4810

Tuesday-Thursday: 930am - 430pm

Monday & Friday: By Appointment Only

+61 447 236 749

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